Roots and soil. Minerals and iron. The original fragrances beyond the factory smoke. The morning is early and dawn my mantle. I can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

A hammer against time.

Beautiful light mist and sunrise in the mirror of life. The language of silence. Still greening. Still unspoiled places around. You smell rocks and distant lakes. You smell archaic times. Life in its origin, as I remember it.

Here I find peace. At the beaches overlooking the beautiful sea which is reflected inside. At the greening forest and the roots extending deep into the ground close by. Here something still lives for real. Here I can still breathe beyond the ”buy-yourself-to-death-mantras” of plastic reality. Here I gather sunrises, while the day dawns illusions.

Robot blood, suicide successes; a humanity that pushes itself into corners of destruction at the best possible broadcasting time. We are so small in our greatness. Mankind. Same thing time and again. The same circles throughout history, though in different formats. The same mistake over and over again.

I cried after I saw yesterday’s news. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the weather is after all the updates about the escalating violence, about the terrible wars far away that come ever closer. We are spinning faster in a dying world that lays a noose around its own neck.

It is as if humanity’s greatest task is to wipe out itself and everything around it. As if we are a time bomb that blasts everything in our path, including ourselves. Love seems alien and hard. Like running knives in a horror movie reality, where reality always surpasses the fiction.

I sit at the beach and see how the sun rays glitter like gold on the water surface. It looks like a protected painting from another time, where everything is in harmony.

I close my eyes and feel the depth of the sea inside me. We belong together and we are origin. For a moment I forget about all the oil and plastic and feel the winds of life whistling hope inside my inner landscapes.

I walk to the shoreline and dive down to the bottomless bottom, beyond the anxiety and fear, past the masquerade of indifference. The poetry glitters in my blood and I breathe water. I am human and nature in one. I am memories of the youth of mother earth under the shooting stars that illuminate the night sky of life.

(Translation from swedish by Stefan Albrektsson)

(Picture from Pixabay)