I have written a lot about poetry and poets on this site (mostly in Swedish, but also some English interviews). I now feel compelled to write more about music and lyrics. 

I really like some music from the eighties (e.g. the alternative scene) and I’m happy when bands like Blue May Rose successfully mix the atmosphere from that decade with a present-day sound. 

So who are the people behind this music and what are their relationship to the music from the golden age? I got a little chat with Patrick Nevian, songwriter and producer in Blue May Rose to get answers to my questions.

First of all I wanted to say that I’m happy to find your band. I think you make fine electropop with a fresh scent of the good music from the 80-ties. How much does that decade inspire your songwritning?

– Thanks! Glad you like our music. Well, as an 80s child that decade indeed made an impact on me. But I prefer an interesting combination of different styles. So it´s just one element in a modern pop song. It has to fit and benefit the listening experience.

 A friend of me who just listened to your latest single “Music has to die” said it sounds like a electronic Nightwish. Any comment on that?

– Alice was a singer in an Opera Metal band and Nighwish was an influence, too. I also like prog rock stuff and film music. It´s great to have something that spices up a straightforward pop song. So yes, why not.

 Tell me a little about BLUE MAY ROSE. Who are the the People behind the band?

– BMR is an Indie Electro Pop Duo located @ the Metropole Ruhr. Members are Liz (Alice Schmidt) and Patrick Nevian. She´s the frontwoman and vocalist of the band. We´re producing everything on our own @ Phénix Noir Productions – our studio.

While she mainly provides lyrics, I´m focusing on song-writing and production. But sometimes we swap roles. We have gained experience over the years in the business. We´re also producing audio for bands, games and other clients all over the world.

There is alot of good electronic music in different shapes from Germany. I use to check DAC charts sometimes to find new artists and found your band there. How important do you think this kind of alternative music charts are for ”alternative” musicians?

– It´s important to get the needed attention. Although we appreciate being listed highly, the song itself is always more important. There is so much music around worth listening, even though remaining unknown to us.

What would you say is the red line in the lyrics of BLUE MAY ROSE universe?

– Honest feelings – no matter what topic is being discussed!

How important are the lyrics for your music?

– Lyrics need to fit the music – the music needs to fit the lyrics! 😉 We´ve learnt, that you don´t need a wall of text to express your feelings in the right way. But on the other hand, sometimes you need to tell a story.

How much is pure inspiration and how much is ”hard work” behind the lyrics?

– Well, it´s almost 50/50. While first ideas and lyrics often flow quite easily, completion needs more work to refine them…particularly in terms of rhythm, dynamics and recognition value.

And my last question comes here. Can you give me examples of some lyrics from other artists that mean alot to you? 

– Wouldn´t go for specific lines of text, but we really like lyrics by Marina Diamandis. She´s a fantastic artist and creative songwriter.

More info about Blue May Rose can be found here:

BLUE MAY ROSE – Indie Electro Pop from Germany