I have a question for poets, musicians and authors out there. How does the Coronacrisis affect your creativity to write poems, novels or music?

I just got a mail from Gerald Krampl in Vienna, who compose pianomusic that I like to listen to and this is his answer to the question.


– At the moment it’s impossible for me to get in the mood for writing music, arranging with the new restrictive situations has now first priority. The musical creativity is somehow paralized, but I’m sure this will change soon, as I remember my entrance into writing music was as a schoolboy my anger and shock about the stupidness of the Vietnam War, therefore the first song I ever composed was an anti war song, and since then I knew I will try to bring with my music kind of a ”healing facette” into the world. And this seems today more important than ever, so I’ll carry on and try my best!

It would be interesting to hear how this dramatic situation in the world affect your creativity.  Feel free to send a comment here on this page.

(Portrait of Gerald by Nicole Krampl / Question mark picture from Pixabay)