First of all, Wayne Hussey is a legend.

I began to listen to The Sisters och Mercy and The Mission around 1987 and First and last and always from the Sisters (where Wayne was guitarist and songwriter) and The Mission records (Where he is singer, songwriter and guitarist): God´s own medicine, The First Chapter, Children and Carved in Sand have meant alot to me. They are all timeless ”goth” classics that have inspired and have followed me through both rainy and sunny days of life.

So this new book from Hussey and his previous book Salad Daze (that reflected his years in the Sisters of Mercy) has been very interesting reading for me. I made a review of Salad Daze (unfortunatly only in Swedish, but there are google translate;-):

Ok, so what about Heady Daze, same rollercoster with sex, drugs and rock n´roll for Hussey and his bandmates as in the early 80-ties? Yes.

When I read Heady Daze I follow Hussey & Co from 1985 until 1990 and these guys were not afraid to dream big back in those years. After the split with Sisters of Mercy, where Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams formed The Mission the band almost got popular over a night and Heady Daze is the story about that time and the successful years that followed.

Hussey is a really good author who writes with passion and an eye for details. The voice in Heady Daze are very personal and it feels like time disappears when I dive into a decade where the music and the world that spins around The Mission feels like a beautiful chaos. Hussey opens his treasure chest of memories from the golden days through Heady Daze and I just longing back to a time where music felt so real and alive.

The biography is around 450 pages and is great reading (just like Salad daze), especially for every person who has let The Mission into their hearts.

If you want to read more about Wayne I also recommend this interview I made with him (about poetry and lyrics in general) some years ago: